Mindset, Communication & Leadership

                    When you become a certified NLP practitioner, you will get it more often. You’ll know why you think the way you do and you’ll notice that other people are thinking differently. Then you’ll build a bridge so that you are happier and more effective.

                    Is there a challenge that has you stuck or a goal you are determined to reach? Maybe it’s time to take action that puts you in the driver’s seat.

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                    Two choices in winter 2020:?/span>

                    NLP Intensive, February 22-27 inclusive or?/span>

                    NLP Practitioner weekend certification, Feb 22/23 and Mar 7/8 and Mar 21/22.

                    Here are some of the benefits you can expect from your certification training:

                    • use language to create agreement
                    • manage conflict and resistance
                    • build better relationships?/span>
                    • read and influence non-verbal behaviours
                    • overcome mental obstacles including stress, anxiety and bad habits
                    • know your own best mindset
                    • change your state to meet your outcomes
                    • discover better choices and better opportunities
                    • define what you want and your next step

                    When you certify with us, you become part of a training community:?/span>you are welcome back to practice your skills and work through goals and transitions. We’ll have your back when change happens and you need to reset and recharge.

                    #FREE Telephone Consultation:?/p>

                    Click here to book your #freeNLP 30 minute telephone consultation?/a>?span style="color: rgb(0, 0, 0); background-color: transparent;">to learn more about our training or coaching. Please?/span>email before booking if you are not currently in Canada or the United States.

                    NLP means neurolinguistic programming. It’s a toolkit for people who want to take ownership of how they feel, how they think and how they impact others. You are only one person; you only need one toolkit. NLP shows you how to be more aware (neurology) so that you can use language (linguistics) to create predictable, positive results (programming).

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                    We offer five levels of training:

                    1. #freeNLP events from 90minutes to full day courses
                    2. One to one coaching to solve problems or set up powerful goals.
                    3. Certification as a Practitioner for people who are ready to own their choices and experience
                    4. Certification as a Master Practitioner (NLP certification is a prerequisite)
                    5. Post-graduation advanced practice courses and coaching

                    Listen to this interview with Linda Ferguson. It will introduce you to the results you will get through NLP training.